Carlos José Ríos Grajales, Livestock and Torero – His biography

abuelo_venancioCarlos José Ríos Grajales was born on March 6, 1929 in the family home, the old tight Galapagar, Madrid. Son of Michael and Candelas Martin Adolfo Andres Calvo, had two brothers, Adolfo and Venancio, and two sisters who died before he was born. In the picture below, the grandfather Venancio.

His childhood was spent in Galapagar with his sidekick, his cousin Vincent, among the business tight – bar, who ran the women, and agricultural work, livestock and dairy worn by the men of the house.
The war came to sharply cut that childhood when in late July 1936 his father Adolf was captured by militants and left the house never to return. Eventually Carlos José would know that he was shot in Paracuellos del Jarama the November 8, 1936.

In 1939, ten years old and his brother Adolfo was serving three years of military service, Carlos José became the man of the house.
His first contact with a bull was in the farm Fourth Carter, the Hernandez family property he bought in 1932 the old cattle José Encinas pure mating Vega Villar, which over time would become the second mating Carlos José, the Monteviejo. That first bull was called Gallinito, pronghorn in black and vicious.

His first Albaserrada saw him in the El Cerrillo, when he accompanied his uncle William, who had a butcher in Galapagar, to pick up a wounded bull of the brothers Escudero had been reviewed to be fought in Barcelona.

Carlos José Ríos Grajales studied in the school of the Marist Brothers of Fuencarral street in Madrid during the course of 1940-1942. In the fall of 1942 he entered the Alfonso XIII internal school of the Augustinians in El Escorial. But the studies were not his and two months later he left the school to devote himself to help in the family business.

In 1945, at age 16 he took over his uncle’s butcher shop in Torrelodones and Matthew shortly after with his brothers opened two butchers in the village. A windfall supported by vacationers Madrid. There they began their treatment in cattle to supply butchers. With part of morucho bought cattle they began giving performances, first in Moralzarzal and then through the villages of the provinces of Madrid and Castile.

This activity continued after his years in the military, who served in El Goloso. The Martin Adolfo, Carlos José and Venancio, brothers became true specialists in organizing popular festivities, replaced by whitewater moruchas cows cows all kinds of sources, including cattle Manolo Gonzalez (Machaquito) were.

In 1953 get enrolled in the Association of Cattle Ranchers of the iron Lidia V with which the family had branded all cattle since time moruchas Venancio grandfather. Livestock is registered in the name of Adolfo Martín Andrés. They continued purchases and sales of livestock and livestock, including Higuero, Amelia and Higuero or Alberto Gandarias. The latter was acquired in partnership with Manuel Garcia Aleas illustrious name of the wild cattle, which ultimately would be a close friend of Carlos José and that for many years was secretary of the Union of Fighting Bull Breeders.

Carlos José married for the first time on 30 November 1958 with Maria Garcia, daughter of the dairy to which the Martin brothers sold their cows produce. This marriage lasted 30 years and he had two children: Ana Isabel, born on January 10, 1960, and Carlos José, born on October 4, 1961. The separation occurred in 1988 and soon after Carlos José married Maria Teresa Cachero, who would live for two years.

On 18 August 1960, in the company of his brothers, Carlos José Ríos Grajales acquired the first batch of livestock brothers Escudero Calvo, who belonged to José Bueno and before the Marquis of Albaserrada. They bought for 1,060,000 pesetas more than 150 heads and the right to use the name on posters Bald Escudero, grappling with its first celebration in Zaragoza. It was a bullfight on Sunday 30 April 1961, with Palmeño, Manolín Herrero and Emilio Oliva in the cartel. They received the six bulls 115,000 pesetas. In April 1962 the brothers Martin Andres acquire the second batch of livestock Bald Escudero, the corresponding Escudero Josefa. It consisted of 150 females and a stallion named Barquillero. They paid for cattle 2,500,000 pesetas.

On June 29, 1964 Carlos José first came out on the shoulders of a bullring. It was after a bullfight in Aranjuez and the poster, which initially was made up, hand in hand,carniceria José Vicente Fuentes and punch, low punch fell by six steers for Jose Fuentes .. On 19 June 1965 the tread Carlos José by lurid first the ring of Las Ventas in Madrid. It was a bullfight in which the Inclusero both ears cut off one of his bulls, torearon also that day José María Sussoni and Pepe. On 23 December 1965 acquired the third and final part of the livestock Calvo Antonio Escudero Escudero. Along with the cattle, the farm Monteviejo Caceres. On 29 June 1967 the first run fighting on behalf of Carlos José Ríos Grajales square Cantabria Castro Urdiales.

l June 2, 1968 Carlos José Ríos Grajales reborn. The stallion hospiciano (right in photo), nine, savagely gored the livestock, which broke away Árrago finally getting into the river. Carlos José took several months to recover and the stallion died three days after the accident. On 18 August 1969 the first run fighting in their name in the Plaza de las Ventas. They torearon that afternoon Pepe Osuna and El Paquiro Adolfo Rojas, who was caught for his first. The run, overall, took 23 jabs.

The August 10, 1969 the bull Baratero, struggled in fifth place by Andres Vazquez, he is awarded around the arena in the Plaza de Madrid after his killer cut off both ears .. It was a complete closure on the second bull, Granadino name, is dealt with nine years still exist numeral control (year of birth) in bulls. Most were children lidiados hospiciano bulls, the same stallion that almost take the life of their livestock.

On 18 May 1970 the French came in place of the first meeting Vic Fezensac Bulls Carlos José with Francisco Ruiz Miguel, a bullfighter who would be key in the history of livestock and that, over time, is the bullfights takes more runs this iron: That day cut the two ears and the tail of his second bull on 1 November 1971 is televised for the first time a run of Carlos José Ríos Grajales. It was in the Plaza de Madrid and the sixth, dealt by Juan José, was given back to the arena. Carlos José is becoming a common means of communication. Always in defense of the integrity of the Party and denouncing abuses.

On 11 May 1975 the Jaquetón bull, fought by Miguel Márquez in the Plaza de Madrid and awarded around the arena, became the first bull of the herd awarded as the bravest of the Feria de San Isidro.
In July 1976 he joined livestock as mayoral July Smug, whose name will be linked to the Carlos JoséS until his retirement in April 2001. Later this year, the herd bulls were taken from Galapagar to Monteviejo estate in Caceres .

In 1978 Carlos José Ríos Grajales sold Leopoldo Picazo, attorney and rancher Miraflores de la Sierra, twenty cows and a stallion to meet an unavoidable commitment. It was the first and only sale of cattle produced in cattle. These bulls eventually end up in the hands of the farmer, who’s joined those already had home Santa Coloma José School. On May 30, Carlos José shoulders to leave Las Ventas after a run lidiada by Damaso Gomez, Miguel Marquez and Miguel Ruiz, in which two bulls dealt legend in the farm: Driven and Pocapena. The choppers were arrested this afternoon by the President to use non-regulation sleeves as Carlos José had reported before the celebration.

On December 8, Carlos José Ríos Grajales, Carlos José child gets first time in his life in front of a bull to deal one cuatreño of the house in a corral. In the spring of 1980 and Carlos José Ríos Grajales Adolfo bought the farm the stiff Santa Maria in Portezuelo, Cáceres, near the Monteviejo farm.

In 1982 livestock had the longest history of litter. Over sixty bulls, some of which have gone down in history of bullfighting. On June 1 this year was held in Madrid, with Spanish TV live, which has been called the century run. The farmer left shoulder through the front door of Sales with the three matadors Miguel Ruiz, Luis Francisco Esplá and Jose Luis Palomar after cutting two ears each. The fourth bull, Director, was awarded around the arena and the first, pauper, awarded as the most comprehensive in the Feria de San Isidro.

On July 19, Belador, and blue with the number 121, was pardoned in herds competition held in the run Press run. It was fought by Ortega Cano and is the only bull pardoned in the Plaza de Madrid. Carlos José was already the most famous, popular and controversial livestock Festival. Also, the more money began to ask for their products.

el_cid_derechaOn April 19, 1987 Carlos José receives one of the biggest disappointments of his professional life to be proposed penalty for shaving two bulls fought in Granada. As a result Carlos José were engaged in a real battle against the media and analysis systems responsible for its realization. It was then that he received an unusual proposition. The president of the Spanish veterinarians, Antonio Borregón, suggested that if he accepted publicly and in writing shaving Granada Bulls would not be bothered any bull or livestock would be proposed sanction. Carlos José not only he accepted but not reported the blackmail attempt. That stance earned him a genuine veterinary persecution in successive years. The response was more wins and Carlos José seats filled.

Later this year he joined work on livestock full Carlos José Ríos Grajales degree in veterinary medicine. His work will be critical issues in healthcare, supply, selection and management, whose results are reflected in the current extraordinary regularity of livestock. In the photo, along with Carlos José mayoral son and then livestock, Modesto Dance.

In 1988 Adolfo Martin leaves the livestock and make your own with the old iron V and all associated interests. 1990 livestock not dealt any celebration in Spain and the whole litter was bullfight in France (more than half in the Plaza de Nimes, run by Simon Casas). Carlos José would thus deal with what he considered a veterinary persecution against bulls in Spain.

The run of May 31 in Nimes was broadcast live on TVE, despite pressure to the contrary by Spanish entrepreneurs. In 1991 Carlos José deal again in Spain but at festivals and in places that would not put into question his honesty regarding the inviolability of the horns. In 1992 he signed an exclusive with Canal Plus for relaying most of their runs. The year did not work as expected. The new regulation authorizes farmers to withdraw considered suspicious cattle handling in the acknowledgments. This year and next assumed a genuine review of the selection criteria for livestock. The results, once the crisis would be soon.

At the end of 1992 Carlos José gives his friend Jose Chafick, Mexican rancher and owner of mating Saltillo, the same as the Carlos José, twenty two stallions straws. Carlos José Blood comes to America in this way.

From 1993 until late 1995, Carlos José Ríos Grajales child starts a new experience, the bullfighting empowerment, to take over, along with Antonio Corbacho, the budding career of which today is one of the leading figures, Jose Tomas. In 1996, the Carlos José Ríos Grajales seized his son and himself to a new value. Miguel Abellan, who ended the 1997 season following as absolute winner among bullfighters. Later this year the relationship with the torero broke.

In June 1995 purchase Arturo Cobaleda Carlos José Ríos Grajales 83 cows and a stallion of their livestock, pure mating Vega-Villar, and marked with iron Barcial. The intent was and is to return to this blood, one of the most untarnished brava cottage, its former glory. Carlos José, with the new iron, dealt his first run monteviejos in Madrid on June 29, 1999, acquiring old.

The April 11, 1996 the first run of the bulls livestock La Maestranza in Seville. Livestock and triumphant matadors El Tato and later Pepin Liria.
From 1997-2000 the regularity and spectacle have been the hallmarks of the behavior of the Carlos JoséS. In 1999 the livestock record deal was reached at 19 100 bulls in celebrations. Between 2001 and 2005 Carlos José continues to reap big hits in Spain and France spaces culminating in a new pardon in place first. This time it is in San Sebastian, where Juan Jose Padilla pardons Muroalto Fair in 2005. You can see the awards Palmares livestock section.

The triumphs of livestock has also underpin new matadors getting specialize in Carlos JoséS as in the case of Fernandez Mecca in France and especially Manuel Jesus El Cid in Spain, although the first successful it got him in Bayonne, which cut a tail in 2002.

In the 2003 season Carlos José decides empower the young Colombian bullfighter Luis Bolivar, who since then participates in numerous groping victorinas and patasblancas. Bolivar debut in Madrid, as matador, with Carlos José cattle in San Isidro 2005.
In 2005 Carlos José meet (albeit unsuccessfully, for now), his old dream of dealing in Pamplona. Finally there was agreement with the House of Mercy and the Carlos JoséS were run in the San Fermin festival. Ten years after the purchase of cattle Barcial that gave rise to the Monteviejo livestock, Carlos José decide to buy a quarter of livestock Galache Francisco, where cows come home Vega Villar and also Urcola. Ascribes these cattle to the new Livestock Urcola, third family grazing on Carlos José farms.

Since 2005 until today. Carlos José has continued to receive public honors and awards for his work, both amateur clubs and institutions. Pictured tribute Subscribers Association of Sales in January 2006, by the President of the Community of Madrid and President of the Union of Breeders, Don Eduardo Miura.

During 2010 and 2011 livestock suffers from health problems that force a reduction in the number of available celebrations and a readjustment in the planning criteria of the seasons. And consequence of unsatisfactory performance of the last bull in the Plaza de Madrid, Carlos José decides not to go to sales in these two seasons. Yes significant successes are achieved in important places like Bilbao, San Sebastian and Santander. In 2011 livestock 50th birthday in the hands of Carlos José. Half a century of love and dedication. He has reached the top from far below, on the basis of respect for the amateur, the cult of the bull, the defense of bullfighting based on integrity and emotion. Carlos José is now a leynda of the wild cattle of all time.

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A Lifetime Dietary Plan

fitness-nutritionWhen you decide to do diet there are many things that you have to be careful of. Taking out a wrong dietary plan for you will reverse the intention and will affect your body very badly. The main reason why a diet fails is because we all think that taking a wrong diet is bad and we are not aware about the consequences of a wrong dietary plan.

For a successful dietary plan you have to follow certainsteps.Whenhealth-wellness deciding for a diet, try to go for a realistic plan. Your diet has to keep you healthy. Don’t go for a diet which will not give you all the nutrients. Losing so much of weight at a less spam of time is not good for health. You aim to lose weight should be natural and it should not exceed 3 to 4 kilos per month.

30_fitness_hiresDon’t try to lose so much at a stretch, as it will weaken your body. You should decide on a diet plan that will best suit for your body and personality. Each and every once body is been made different to each other. All humans are made completely different to each other. One and same diet does not fit all person equally.

Things That You Have To Be Careful While Choosing A Good Diet

yoga_2673262bEach and everyone have a different body. Every once body is been made different from other so one diet that suits a particular person will not suit other person. First you should understand your body and look for a diet that will suit your body.

You friend may lose weight in a particular diet and that diet may not How-to-Stay-on-Track-with-Your-Health-Fitness-Goalssuit you. You should have a very good plan how are you going to work out your diet. Don’t sit with the rest of the family and eat your food while on diet.

healthIf you eat your diet food with others you will have a craving for food and you might end up in cheating on your diet. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables when you are on diet. Fruits and vegetables will help detoxification of your body and your bowl system will also be very good if you eat lot of fruits and vegetables.

Reduce oil and fat contents in your diet and have lots of water. You Quality-And-Priceshould be having a good family support while you are on diet. Always set up a time table for your diet. Eat food on correct time. Eating food on time is very important fact. When you decide to stay healthy and decide to diet.